What you need to know about Charging/Power Bank stations!

by Alex Goodwin


We recently provided an estimate for electrical repairs in a garage that had caught fire. We were told that there was a power bank used in the garage to plug in various electrical devices. Unfortunately, it did not trip the breaker and the fire went to the breaker panels and up into the attic, causing extensive damage.

Most power banks are built with Li-ion batteries. A battery has a lot of energy in it and if that energy is released in a way that it shouldn’t, a fire or explosion can occur. The batteries are flammable, so when the battery can’t vent, it builds up pressure and can explode.

There are a lot of pieces and processes that go into manufacturing a power bank. If the circuits are not properly insulated, it can cause short circuits. If any of these processes go wrong, there is a chance for energy to be released leading to overheating, then fire, then explosion.

Here are a few tips to possibly avoid Charging/Power bank station explosions:

  1. Keep it in a cool area-Always use in a cool area, especially during the summer months.
  2. Pay attention to charging-when it charges to full, disconnect it. Do not let it overcharge.
  3. Do not do pass-through charging-They are not made to charge itself and another device simultaneously.
  4. Do not use an inferior charging adapter. Buy a quality name brand charger.
  5. Do not drop, bump, or squeeze the power bank. This causes internal parts to be misaligned.
  6. Do not use it if it is bulging or hot.
  7. Discard it in an eco-friendly manner. Safely dispose of the unit when not working, do not put it in regular garbage.

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