Hazards of doing DIY work

by Alex Goodwin


When needing to do electrical work, it may feel tempting to just do it yourself, whether to save time or money. However, this can bring risks. Here are some of them to be cautious about:

  • Fire hazards: Electricians have years of training to do electrical repair without causing fire hazards.  
  • Faulty wiring or incorrect wire size: It is one of the major causes of fire hazards. 
  • Loose fittings: This can cause electricity to jump or arc, or overheating. 
  • Overloading of outlets: You must look at the amps each outlet can handle. The general rule is that appliances that generate heat or cold use the most electricity and require the most amps to run. Do not overload outlets during the holiday with decorative lights, or when cooking a big meal with lots of appliances.
  • Light Bulb Wattage: Read the wattage that the socket and the bulb are. If you use a light bulb that does not have a high enough wattage, the socket will send more electricity to the bulb than it is rated for.  
  • Injuries or death: If you are not qualified, you could risk your life and those around you. 
  • Fixing the wrong problem: What you thought the problem is may be something else and could cost you more for repairs and time if done incorrectly. Knowledge, experience, and the correct tools are carried by a professional electrician.

Saving a few hundred dollars is not worth putting you and your family at risk.  Even a minor electrical mistake can cost you a lot of money and possibly even a life.  

We will do the job right the first time, save you time and your peace of mind.

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