Electrical safety for children

by Alex Goodwin


Why it is important to stay alert

Even with the childproofing electrical safety measures in place, you should start training your little ones to stay away from any electrical dangers. You should begin graining them as soon as they begin to crawl and explore. When they become curious and you catch them fiddling with a cord or socket, firmly tell them “No!” and redirect their attention to something else.

Explain why

Once your child is four or five, you should start explaining to the why they should stay away from cords and sockets. Explain the consequences if done. Children at this age should never be allowed to plug anything in. 

Electricity and water

Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Teach your children to keep electrical devices far away from water. Explain to your children how water and electricity is a dangerous combination.
  • Tell your child to alert an adult if a device or appliance falls into water and NEVER try to retrieve it themselves.
  • Also, they should never put their hands on electric cords or light switches when their hands are wet, or they are standing in water.  

Other tips

Teach your children to stay far away from broken power lines, fallen or broken wires and sparks.  Even if they don’t see sparks, broken or fallen wires may still be active.

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